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sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2020

Magnolia Cartonera Cardboard Books - Happy 2020!

This year at Magnolia Cartonera cardboard books, we will publish some things here written in English to take our art across borders. We have a very strong connection with English speaking artists and friends, and we feel the need to deepen our conversations.

We have 14 publications, being 6 cartonera books (cardboard books) and 8 zines. All of them are dedicated to encouraging reading and education. They are about art, community libraries, little free libraries, DIY, technology and People Power. We’ve published only one fiction book. That's why we are inspired to experiment with fiction in 2020. We are looking forward to launching them later this summer (here em Brazil, winter in the northern hemisphere). By March/2020 we will have some interesting news.

We want to extend conversations about cardboard books and indie publications to people who are systematically excluded from the mainstream world of literature and arts. And we want to help people who are low-income artists learn how to make their own cardboard books and circulate their art with the resources they have at hand. We are also working to popularize cartonera art (the art of making cardboard books) in Brazil, writing articles about emerging artists. Artists who connect to our idea of empowering people who are struggling financially. We want to encourage people to express their arts and encourage income generation through artistic creations made of cardboard.

We want systematically excluded people to have access to the resources needed to create their art, books, and literature and to be able to make their works circulate among those who need them the most. This initiative is called "Cartoneras Populares" which is our long-term project that was presented on our blog in December of 2019. ( http://bit.ly/2t3Bg22 )

Thank you so much if you read this huge text so far.
We are constantly learning and happy to be able to do our art and inspire more people along the way. We wish you a new year full of creative projects.

Dani e Juliano


Instagram: @magnoliacartonera | @bibliotecas
Blog Bibliotecas do Brasil: http://www.bibliotecasdobrasil.com/


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